Control of utility - Sheep

Sheep performance recording

Sheep performance recording is provided at breeding, reproductive and commercial farms for the purpose of an objective recording and evaluation of performance of individual sheep, herds and farms. Data from the performance recording are used for estimation of the breeding value, selection purposes and realization, herbook registration and evaluation of the breeding level.

Performance recording method A covers:

  • own performance (gains)
  • reproductive parameters (fertilization rate, fertility rate and fertility rate per ewe lambed)
  • in ewes milk recording the amount of collected milk in kgs per standard lactation and content of basic milk components (fat, protein and lactose) are determined

The actual performance recording consist of weighing lambs at birth and at weaning, lambs selection for reproduction, identification and subjective evaluation. Performance recording is also provided at commercial farms and is focused on animals identification, records, monitoring reproductive characteristics and intensity of young ewes´ growth. At the request of the breeder is also possible to provide milk performance recording.

What do you get from performance recording?

  • Performance recording method A provides opportunities to make competent decisions and implement effective measures in the herd
  • increase in herd fertility (20%) per year with monitoring and selection of individuals from multiple litters of dams and sires and dams with high milk production
  • rapid costs recovery incurred for the performance recording

Results from performance recording, intensity of growth and reproductive parameters are provided by Breeding Information System