Cattle identification

  • Accurate individual cattle identification is essential for keeping a central register.
  • Individual identification provides identity of each animal and its origin in relation to farm, place of birth, country of origin as well as tracing changes in location due to its farm and each holder during its life.
  • Permanent identification with plastic ear tags, each animal must have at least two original ear tags with a description, one in each ear, it shall remain throughout its life and not be changed.

PASSPORT – animal´s accompanying document

  • document is issued for all newborn calves
  • FACR fill in the passport animal´s identification number of the animal ear tag, farm registration number, date of birth, breed and blood percentages, sex, color, dam identification number, passport date of issue, name and address of the first holder of animal, all on the basis of data processed form of “Cattle Change Report”
  • accompanies the animal throughout its life and at each change of holder the original holder is obliged to pass the document to new holder

Ear tags, information and documents necessary to keep central register are provided by BS SR s.e. regional centers.

Current codes and names of breeds, countries, events and other codebooks needed to guide the central evidence you find in the open access to data CEHZ in the section Basic codebooks at